Electric Excitement

I was at the market yesterday. For some months I’ve been praying for a customer and her marriage that had broken down. Yesterday she came to collect her mending and said “You’ll never guess what!” and I said “ I bet I can!”

Her relationship with her husband is being rebuilt. Her excitement was electric and was a beautiful example of what Jesus does to family.

- Maria


Giving Sacrificially, Receiving So Much More

As a family, we have been challenged financially over the last couple of years, gradually depleting our savings as we tried to maintain generosity with a drastically reduced income. So, when the church announced the recent Gift Day to clear its historic deficit, we found ourselves wondering how we could give generously while balancing faith and prudence!

Together we came to the conclusion that we should give sacrificially, knowing that God was calling us to trust him to provide. We gave ‘far more than we could afford’ on that Sunday and then waited in faith to see what would happen…

The following day I had a payment that I was half-expecting months ago but had entirely forgotten about – and it was the same value as the gift we’d given to the church – but then three days later we received a sum five times the value of our gift out of the blue! God is more than able to provide for us abundantly, and loves to reward our faith and obedience.

- Andrew

Freedom From Pain

HealingI have suffered from back problems on and off for many years, however the most recent problem had never gone away, mainly manifesting itself by the lower back and towards my right hip, seizing up whilst in bed asleep and when I turned it pulled and caused extreme pain. Then when I got up in the morning it would gradually free itself as the day went on.

Anyway I went to Transform on Monday as a day visitor. The time of praise and worship was a special time and the presence of Jesus was there. The speaker that night was Andrew Wilson who spoke on ‘Why does God allow suffering in the world?’. I didn’t feel particularly anointed by the message but afterwards Mark Mumford offered prayer for anyone who was suffering in some way.

The worship team started to play and we were singing about pushing the enemy down and lifting Jesus higher, I thought about how I’d been prayed for on numerous occasions and nothing had happened, but it came to me that Jesus could touch me right here where I was standing; so I put my hand on the lower back at the base of my spine and then I lifted my hands in worship and commanded in the name of Jesus that the stronghold in my back would be broken, I break it in Jesus name, break, break in Jesus name and suddenly it was as though Jesus turned on a blow torch for just a split second on the left side of the lower back. God knew exactly where the problem was! I said to myself Wow! That’s it. Telling nobody, not even my wife, I drove home and had no pain. Normally I would have been in some sort of pain by now, I went to bed and had a great night’s sleep, got up the following morning and no pain! It was only then I shared with my wife what had happened and after that I began to tell other people. 10 days have now passed and I’m pain free.

God is everywhere and can touch you by his Holy Spirit right where you are – Thank you Father.

- Steve

After Success

PropheticI graduated from a top tier university in the US. At that time, I was arrogant, hot-tempered, and had set goals informed by the culture’s idea of success.

I have spent the last nine months reflecting on my journey with God (from year nine onwards), reading more and praying with words I have received from God. I now have a clear, changed view of my identity. And I am going to keep praying.

- Anon

New Opportunities

OpportunitiesWe had lost everything from our last premises (a studio foundry), and were stuck for two years, waiting for God to move us on with the little we had left.

After nine years of not being in a church, we started coming to church again, where we prayed long and hard.

We have just been contacted, out of the blue, by the biggest and best foundry in Europe, to go and set up and manage a new department for them. There is the possibility of connecting with a church there too.

- Wes and Helen

Getting Free of Resentment

EmotionalFor the first time I felt such a degree of envy and resentment towards someone who is nice enough but very competitive, that it made me anxious and angry like I’ve never felt before. I was consumed with negative thoughts about how everyone liked them more and wouldn’t stop talking about them, and how at times I had been overlooked by my family for that person. I let these things take over my thoughts, and I just wanted to cry every time I heard their name or saw them.

I snapped one day during praying. I talked to a friend about it, and then said ‘In the name of Jesus stop it. I will not receive these thoughts’. All the oppressive and consuming thoughts disappeared. I didn’t feel twisted with anger, resentment and fear, and instead felt like I could breathe for the first time in months.

Now things are so much better. There is no resentment or anger. Sometimes I fear the same things again, but when I pray in Jesus’ name, it immediately stops.

- Anon


HealingA while ago, I had been feeling exhausted and very, very run down emotionally, physically and even somewhat spiritually. I also had very swollen lymph nodes: we (my doctors included) thought I had lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes.

I prayed a lot, and asked God for rest both from anxiety and from the responsibility I felt for my family’s fears and pain, for my school and staff, and for my friends. I prayed for strength and energy to get me through Christmas, with weeks of waiting and undergoing surgery.

It was pretty apparent after my MRI and biopsy that I probably had lymphoma, which the consultant said she suspected. The week after the biopsy, however, the consultant rang to tell me that she was shocked but happy to tell me that there was no cancer!

Now I am getting used to the idea that I won’t be going through chemo or radiation and that my body can be strong again. I truly believe that regardless of whether I had lymphoma or a terrible virus, God has used these last few months to heal me of despair, darkness, and inner emotional paralysis.

- Liz

The Burden of Perfection

EmotionalMy desire always to achieve perfection had become a burden without me realising it. I never really talked to God about this, until I attended a Bible group on the attitude of gratitude, which made me see things differently. Since then, I have tried to be thankful in the day-to-day more often, and not to worry about making sure everything is just the way I think it should be.

I am now experiencing a lot more peace in myself, and peace with the progress I am making at the moment with my plans, even if they aren’t perfect!

- Anon

Restoring the Broken

EmotionalFive years ago, after forty years of marriage, my husband left me to live an openly homosexual lifestyle after a twenty year secret life. I was left broken physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

All I knew in that time was that God is always good. He never changes. He knew my situation, and he knew my future. I held on to that.

Now I am restored, realigned, renovated, reconstructed, resurrected and READY to launch out again.

- Anon